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How Loban Dhoop Makes Your Life Pleasant?

Are you one of those who go to random shops and purchases Loban Dhoop, also known as Loban benzoin Dhoop? Are you sure they are genuine? Loban Incense brings many health benefits, so it is important to consider a few things before you buy Loban Dhoop?

Loban Dhoop

The perfect way to check whether the Loban Dhoop is genuine or not is its smell. When you open the box it should give the vanilla aroma. If you smell the same then it is pure.

Health Benefits of Loban Dhoop

We do not know but most of the diseases are caused because of insects and other germs in the air. A few insects in the air cannot be seen but they can cause major health problems. The key benefit of Loban Dhoop is that it keeps every germ in the air away from your house whether it is an insect bite or food poisoning. For better effect burn it twice a day.

When can we use Loban Dhoop?

There is no particular time for burning it but it should be used early morning to bring positive energy in the house and burned in the evening because insects come mostly at that time. Loban Dhoop is used at church, temples, and mosques.

Available in size of Weight Loban Dhoop

Loban Sambrani

Loban Dhoop comes in majorly three sizes, 500 gm, 1  KG & 5 KG. Based on your use choose the right gram from the store.

How to use Loban Dhoop?

Direction for use: Loban Dhoop: Bring small pieces of woods which should not be wet or moist. Light a fire on them. Crush the Loban Dhoop into pieces and put them on the wood. At the end of the puja/worship spread its smoke in every corner. Most people burn it on charcoal as well.

Types of Loban Dhoop

There are different Loban Dhoop Products in the market;

  • Amber Loban used in the spiritual ceremonies.
  • Loban Dhoop used in spiritual ceremonies keeps insects away and used in medical applications as well.
  • Loban Agarbathi used in spiritual ceremonies.
  • Loban powder, burn it in the place of Loban Dhoop and it has the same effect.

How & where to buy Loban Dhoop?

Buy pure Loban Online. Trishul Traders are producing high quality and original Loban Dhoop since 1980.  They deliver tamper free packaging at your location. You can also buy Loban Dhoop Sticks at our online store.