Important Points to Consider Before Buying Incense Dhoop

Incense is also called as Dhoop which is burnt to create smoke and fragrance. People believe burning incense cures health problems by killing pests in the air, it removes negativity and makes the environment pleasant. There are many types of incense depending upon the need. The most famous one is Chandan Dhoop.

Things to consider before you buy Incense Dhoop?

Burning incense generates lots of smoke, this may cause breathing issues, eye burning and etc. The best idea is to buy Incense which produces less smoke.

Many companies claim that they offer pure and original incense but you can never tell how true they are. Their years of experience in the same business might help you. Many good stores are serving since 25 years. Consider them as they have already made goodwill in the market and there is no chance they will fool you.

Tips for buying incense

  • Keep the windows open during the incense burning.
  • Do not take it closer to babies or in fact adults.
  • For smaller rooms or house, use minimum incense.

More Health Benefits of Incense Dhoop

Here are some Key Benefits of Incense Dhoop:

  • It generates positive vibes
  • It kills pests in the air
  • It calms your soul and gives relaxation
  • Spreads fragrance all over the house
  • It is good for heart beat

When can we use Incense Dhoop?

Use it as per the need. As we mentioned earlier in this blog, the use of incense depends on the requirement.

Available in size of Weight

The various incenses are available in 5, 10, 20, 50 KG sizes.

How to use Incense Dhoop?

Direction for use: Burn the incense Dhoop during Pooja and spread the smoke in every corner of the house. For better results, do it twice a day.

Types of Incense Dhoop

They are three;

  • Frankincense
  • Shiva Incense
  • Olibanum

How & where to buy Cheap Incense Dhoop?

Buy Shiv Incense Dhoop, Frankincense, Olibanum original Online at best price from Trishul Traders. They produce high quality and original Incense Dhoop since 1980 and deliver tamper free packaging at your location.


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