What Guggal Dhoop Is Made Up Of?

Burn this Guggal Dhoop on the hot coal and spread it over the house to get rid of the black powers. By using it daily positive energy increases and it creates peace. However, not all the Guggal Dhoop available in the market is original. Some people sell unoriginal Dhoop to make money, but that costs you, plus, it does not impact the environment. So what are the ways to recognize the original one?

Guggal Dhoop

Things to consider before you buy Guggal Dhoop

Guggal Dhoop is made up of Commiphora wightii, which is mainly found in northern India. The best part of this plant is that it is tolerant to bad soil condition and grows easily. So In India at least, you should not be easily fooled as this product is sold on the commercial basis a lot in India.

Black Guggal

The pure Guggal Dhoop must have following ingredients;

  • Cow dung from desi cows
  • Cow ghee
  • Sesame oil
  • Camphor
  • Kokula
  • Nagarmotha
  • Jatamasi
  • Vayutmari
  • Guggal
  • Raal
  • Sandalwood powder
  • Coconut

Key Health Benefits of Guggal Dhoop:

  • It removes evil eye from the house or person.
  • Generates positive energy in the house.
  • In the ancient days, Guggal was used to heal many disorders.
  • Removes insects and microbes which may cause health issues.

When can we use Guggal Dhoop?

One must use Guggal Dhoop daily in the house. However, if you have not used it before, start using it. Are you experiencing a family problem, mental stress, career issues? Go for Guggal Dhoop and burn it morning and evening after the Puja and spread the smoke all across the house, each and every corner and you will immediately feel its effect.

Guggal Dhoop is available in 4 different sizes of weight, 5 KG, 10 KG, 20 KG, and 50 KG.

Direction for use:

Burn it, and spread the smoke in each and every corner of the house. The smoke will remove all the pest and microbes in the air, and also repel the evil eye.

How & where to buy Cheap Guggal Dhoop?

Now you do not have to roam shop to shop asking for Guggal Dhoop. Now buy Guggal Dhoop online at the best price from Trishul Traders. They use original ingredients to make one and are very effective. They deliver tamper free packaging at your location.


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